Some days are better than others...

When I am not listening to ZZ Top; The Stranglers; Thin Lizzy; or even: "Samba De Janeiro" - which I do have on a CD - I like to change the tempo with Meredith Brooks. She is probably best known for her synopsis of the female personality in her song: "Bitch"; but when she sings: "Some days are better than others," it has a particular significance for me and for all followers of Norwich City.

Take the last two weeks for example. On the back of three straight defeats, the Canaries recorded a fantastic 5-2 victory over the table-topping Wolves; Leroy Lita netting a well deserved hat-trick.

I was tempted to rush into print, predicting that on this form Norwich would soon be heading for the play-offs. Just as well I waited, because four days later it took a last gasp winner from Leroy to beat bottom club Doncaster.

The lack of form shown in that game did not deter more than a thousand Norwich fans from travelling to in-form Derby where the Rams raced into a two goal lead and could have scored more before big John Kennedy headed his first goal for City. A Cardiff style come-back looked to be on the cards a few minutes later as Leroy raced towards the Derby goal with only the keeper to beat.

His shot went wide and with that chance went any hope of salvaging a point at Pride Park. A third goal for the home side meant another dismal return journey for the loyal City fans, who must now be wondering what to expect at Burnley on Saturday.

Instead of making a prediction that this day will be better than all those other pointless excursions over the past few months, I will look for 'positives', as managers like to say in such circumstances. Starting with Leroy, it has to be said that if he had scored against Derby, on a night when Reading failed to Score at Burnley, there would have been less chance of keeping him at Carrow Road when his initial loan spell ends after the game at Turf Moor this Saturday.

It did worry me when he threw off his shirt after netting the winner against Doncaster. Was it a message to Reading fans, indicating that he should be scoring goals for the Royals rather than the Canaries?

Another positive has to be the form of David Bell, who is finally getting the chance to show what he can do after being out of action due to injury. It is also good to know that after being beaten twice by Derby in the space of a month, the Canaries will not have to face a battering from the Rams again this season, unless it is in the FA Cup!

There might even be a positive outcome from Glenn Roeder 'having a go' at flag happy assistant referees, because this should focus the attention of the FA on the people who are in the best position to fix matches. Officials make genuine mistakes, as we all do, but is it just possible that some of their dodgy decisions could be deliberate attempts at match-fixing? Now that really could be something for the FA to investigate!

Meanwhile, since everyone else seems to have something to say on the subject, I would like to offer my services to the BBC as a replacement for the overpaid Jonathan Woss and that weirdo, Wussell Bwand. I have illustrated my wide taste in music at the beginning of this article and feel certain my own pwanks would offend no one other than the afore mentioned pair of hoaxers! You can see how polite I can be, and the same applies on match days; even while hurling abuse at match officials when they make too many of those really bad decisions.

Finally, still on the subject of some days being better than others for football fans and the effect that bad decisions by officials can have on our wellbeing, what could be worse than setting off for work one morning only to be shot to death by two policemen known to us only by their code names: Charlie two and Charlie twelve?

The clamour for Ross and Brand to be sacked for their bad decisions is understandable, but why is there not a similar outcry for these two 'Charlies' to lose their jobs? I know Bill Shankly is quoted as saying: "Football is not a matter of life or death - it is more important than that!" However, there are times when those of us who feel 'bereaved' simply because our team has lost a match, need to put that loss into perspective and remember it is only a game after all...