NCISA calls public meeting

Last updated : 15 February 2006 By Rick Lamb
Having called for the head of manager Nigel Worthington earlier in the season, the NCISA have taken the extraordinary step of booking a large venue for a public meeting.

Roy Blower, who chairs the group, released a statement saying that he believes the time has come for supporters to gather to discuss the situation at the club and the direction they should be taking.

"The decision to call a public meeting was not taken lightly. It has cost us a lot of money to hire St Andrew's Hall, but we thought it was the right thing to do given the current situation.

"We have seen fans demonstrating outside the boardroom and banners being unfurled during games and it's clear that a lot of people are bitterly disappointed with the way things have gone this season.

"With the risk of being accused of stealing other people's sayings I think it is better to jaw, jaw than war, war. This meeting gives fans the chance to come along and express their views. I should stress it will open to all supporters, not just NCISA members.

"After hearing what people have had to say we can hopefully be of assistance in suggesting the best way forward for the club."

The meeting will take place at St Andrew's Hall on Thursday the second of March.