Warnock set for V-sign rap?

The Football Association are to decide whether or not Neil Warnock's two-fingered salute towards the canaries bench after the weekend's victory over Sheffield United warrants further action.

Warnock, whose side lie in second place despite a resounding recent wobble, reacted after he perceived that Nigel Worthington had snubbed a handshake. The City boss, who had just seen his side record a fourth straight home win, called his opposite number "unprofessional and disrespectful".

The Blades manager, clearly frustrated at his side's 2-1 defeat, explained to his club's official website how he saw the situation:

"I had lost, I was disappointed, but offered my hand towards the home bench, but they turned their backs, he said. "I believe I'm entitled to some respect in that situation."

The FA, who imposed no sanctions against Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger after a similar spat earlier this season, will announce whether Warnock has a case to answer later this week.